PLAC CASE Mobility Group Presents: Fleet Vehicles: Legal and Operational Issues

September 21, 2022
Jacob Crawford, Esq. - Tesla, Charity Allen, Esq. - Aurora, Lee Papageorge, Esq. - Cruise

PLAC CASE Mobility Group Presents: Self-Driving Business & Regulatory Update Roundtable

May 11, 2022
Robert Grant - Cruise, James Owens - Nuro, Chris Nalevanko - Zoox

PLAC CASE Mobility Group Presents: Connected Vehicles: Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, Regulatory and Litigation Risks

April 13, 2022
Angela Giancarlo, Esq. - Mayer Brown, David Simon, Esq. - Mayer Brown, Faye Francy -
of Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Planning and Defending Electric Vehicle (EV) Claims - Litigation Issues

January 31, 2022
Peter Durney, Esq. - Cornell & Gollub, Eldon G. Leaphart, M.S. - Carr Engineering, Inc., James Walker, Jr., M.S. - Carr Engineering, Inc.

Planning For and Defending Cases Alleging Failures of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

October 27, 2021
Erinn DePorre, Esq. - GM, Thomas Branigan, Esq. - Bowman and Brooke, Ryan Harrington, M.E. - Exponent