Future Leaders

PLAC Future Leaders Program

PLAC’s Future Leaders Program provides an alternate path to Sustaining membership for attorneys who have been practicing between four (4) and twelve (12) years.

PLAC Future Leaders have the opportunity to work with seasoned PLAC Sustaining members and Corporate members on various projects to enhance their trial skills, practice their client counseling skills, understand and refine their writing and advocacy skills, and network with both current and future leaders of the product liability defense bar. The Future Leaders program gives its members the opportunity to:

  • Participate in professional skills exercises such as mock depositions and hearings
  • Present at PLAC Conferences and PLAC Webinars
  • Serve as co-Coordinating Counsel for a PLAC Amicus brief with a member of the Case Selection Committee
  • Work with prominent PLAC members who wish to author articles on topics critical to PLAC members
  • Network with corporate counsel and Sustaining members in sessions organized specifically for Future Leaders
  • Meet other Future Leaders from across the country through events and informal gatherings

Membership is open to prospective members who maintain a substantial part of their practice in the product liability, regulatory or appellate areas exclusively for defendants and practice in firms that do not routinely represent plaintiffs in product liability matters.

Membership is held by the individual attorney, not the law firm.

A letter of nomination must be submitted on the applicant’s behalf by a corporate member of PLAC or by a partner at the prospective member’s firm who is currently a member of this organization.

The Membership Committee reviews each nomination.

Membership fees are $1,750 annually. Participation in this program is limited to a maximum of five (5) years in the program or twelve (12) years of practice, after which membership will automatically convert to full Sustaining membership, and the dues rate will adjust accordingly at that time.

Steering Commitee

Lance High

Lance High, Esq.
Kubota Tractor Corporation

Jen White

Jennifer White, Esq.
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc

Jeff Cohen

Jeffrey Cohen, Esq.
 Carlton Fields

Denise Dickerson

Denise Dickerson, Esq.
Sutter O'Connell

Matt Hundley

Matthew Hundley, Esq.
Moran Reeves Conn

Kate Stone

Kaitlyn Stone, Esq.
Barnes & Thornburg LLP